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Welcome to Ekegbo Achi-Nkpokolo, a vibrant and culturally rich community located in Oji River Local Government Area of Nigeria. Our website aims to showcase the beauty, traditions, and opportunities that our town has to offer.

Located in the heart of the Eastern region of Nigeria, Ekegbo Achi-Nkpokolo boasts of a rich cultural heritage, with its people known for their hospitality and warmth. Our community is surrounded by lush green vegetation and a serene environment that provides a conducive atmosphere for living, working, and relaxing.

This website serves as a platform to connect with locals, tourists, and investors interested in our town. Whether you are looking for information about our town, seeking investment opportunities, or planning to visit, our website provides comprehensive information on Ekegbo Achi-Nkpokolo and its people.

Our town is home to several landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Achi-Nkpokolo waterfall, Achi ancient caves, and the famous Ogbudu Ubo Forest Reserve. Our website provides a detailed guide to these attractions and other notable locations in our town.

We also provide information on the town's economy, which is largely agrarian. Our people are predominantly farmers, and we are proud of our rich agricultural produce, including cassava, yams, maize, and palm oil. Our website highlights investment opportunities in agriculture and other sectors, showcasing the potential for growth and development in our town.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our town, and connect with us. Ekegbo Achi-Nkpokolo is a community with a rich heritage, a promising future, and a warm welcome for all who visit.

Achi is a town in Oji River Local Government Area in Enugu State, in southeastern Nigeria.


Achi is the largest town in Oji River, a Local Government Area of Enugu State. Achi town is made up of 12 villages - "isii na ulo, isii na agu" as the natives say. That phrase literally means that there are 6 villages in the northern section of the town and 6 villages in the southern section (if you imaginarily divide the town into two sections).

Achi town is surrounded by some other towns: Isuochi (in Abia State), Inyi (also part of Oji River LGA of Enugu State, Ugbo, and Mmaku (Awgu LGA of Enugu State) and some parts of Udi LGA of area of Enugu State.

The most popular village at Achi is Isikwe.[citation needed] Isikwe comprises Umuakpu, Umuola, Obinagu, Abor and other minor villages. Obinagu is termed 'Small London' because of its numerous modern buildings owned by its men and women mainly residing at Europe and United States of America. Isikwe has its own water pipe line, electrification and telephone system. Isikwe is noted for its production of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, economists, modern businessmen and other professionals. And also popular is Agbadala Achi with prominent sons and daughters

Large part of Achi is made up of sandy and loamy soil. Towns and communities are known for the cultivation of different crops including cashew trees, pineapples and mellon. These grow fairly well in Achi.

Villages of Achi: 1. Elugwu la Nkpokoro 2. Amankpunatọ 3. Isikwe 4. Agbadala 5. Egwu 6. Ehuhe 7. Adụ 8. Umumba(ogu) 9. Ihe 10. Amaetiti 11. Elugwu Akwu 12. Ahani

Achi is not only a name of a tree, people answer the name Achi, like Achi Herbert Chijindu is a lecturer, registered Quantity Surveyor and CEO/MD Chiherb International Limited.


There are several primary schools in Achi with all 12 villages having at least one primary school. The oldest Secondary educational institutions in Achi include Corpus Christi College (founded in 1960) and Girls Secondary School (founded in 1962). Also found in Achi is Savory Memorial Seminary,[1] an Anglican Seminary owned by Diocese of Oji-River, Anglican Communion.

Another popular institution is the Achi Joint Hospital, which is a fairly old hospital. For several years it was and perhaps is still the best hospital in what used to be known as Awgu division in the then East Central State.

There is a fairly old institution known as Achi Farm School (founded around 1960). The institution has for several years been training agricultural extension officers who are currently scattered all over eastern Nigeria.

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